Sunday 12th June 2016

Latest Musings

Suffering has a message, it's often a difficult process to grasp and has many shades to its appearance. We grow and develop through these experiences, and all be it for some the dark veil of pain can be overwhelming; needing the grace and wisdom of ones open heart to allow and be alongside them as they carry the burden.

I know, as us all, this journey through suffering many a time. The obsession we have with attaining pure happiness and joy, can be at a cost to witnessing and accepting the stages of growth any suffering calls on; I feel is essential. As I recognise this on my own journey, and the holding of others in their's.

Sometimes we don't know how to be alongside someone's suffering, sometimes we bumble along and feel we have little or no comfort for them, or control. We are not in control, we cannot wave a magic wand and heal their pain. Without knowing our own, without being vulnerable or humble ourselves, we are unable to be fully present and empathise.
Suffering softens, suffering creates waves of healing we are only able to observe as it unfolds. By giving our suffering space we learn the truth it invokes, the lessons can be learnt, the strength embodied from surfacing from the tides of darkness which loomed, to emerging with eyes anew...
Giving space for our feelings, uncertainty, annihilation, truth, vulnerability and fears, we create the opportunity for the wisdom to emerge through us, the evolutionary process, such crisis invokes.

Suffering is part and parcel of life, being a normal part of our life's process to lesser or greater degrees and at different times of our life.

Without compasion for our own suffering, we are immune to another's.

Rather see them as 'Transitions' relevant to our growth and development.

It is a process emerging, for healing...
Let us honour one another's trials and tribulations, be patient, be understanding and above all compassionate...for ourselves as well as for others...for LOVE IS ITS CALLING!