Iessaiah: Psycho-spiritual therapist and healer

Iessaiah combines the intuition of a naturally-gifted healer with the solid-underpinning knowledge of a complimentary therapist with more than 25 years’ experience.

This enables her to connect with clients on a deep and powerful level and to guide them through whatever spiritual, emotional or physical challenges they may be facing. Her own life experiences have strengthened her ability to empathise with these challenges and she brings both her personal and professional expertise to her work.

Iessaiah has embodied the innate abilities as a Healer and Intuitive since childhood. Her passion for helping others led her to spend 25 years studying a range of complimentary therapies. Her work encompasses:

• Integrated Energy Healing
• Advanced Therapeutic Bodywork / Massage Therapy
• Soul Midwifery
• Family Constellation Facilitation
• Ecstatic Awakening Dance

Her passion is to support individuals to overcome challenges and achieve their full potential, ushering in a greater awakening of the collective conscious.