Integrated Energy Healing

Our natural flow of energy always moves towards perfect health and wellbeing. However, when we are faced with difficulties in our life which we find too painful to accept, we tend to hold onto the unresolved issues and patterns in our energy field, which then depletes our vitality and cause suffering and ill-health.

Integrated Energy Healing can support the release of unresolved patterns and their conditioning, guiding us gently back to health. It works on many levels including physical health, emotional well-being, relationships and spiritual awareness.

The Healer may also guide the client in a process of inner inquiry as to the cause of their condition.

Some of the more commonly used techniques are:

•  Chakra Balancing
•  Colour Healing
•  Sound Healing
•  Spine & Organ Healing
•  Clearing Ancestral patterns
•  Inner Child Healing
•  Relationship Cords
•  Emotional Clearing
•  Past Life Regression
•  Psychic Surgery
•  Coaching on how to manage your energy in daily life.
•  Guidance on a healthy, natural lifestyle.

Energy Healing compliments and enhances the positive effects of all other types of health care, including orthodox medicine. Iessaiah's work also integrates:

Advanced Therapeutic Bodywork / Massage Therapy
Soul Midwifery
Family Constellation Facilitation
• Ecstatic Awakening Dance

"Healing is the process of bringing light and consciousness to those parts of our lives where we have blocked the flow of energy"